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 2023 summer schedule
Steam camps from 9 am to 12
Music Camps from 12 to 3 pm
kickstart programs from 3 to 6 pm

Easy as Pi Camps

During the summer, Easy as Pi offers summer camps that include experiments, games, and 75 min of math each day with 2-3 kids per tutor.

Along with amazing math tutoring that will get your child caught up and ready for next year or help them start out the year ahead, STEAM camp will include instruction in fun projects each day, such as bottle rockets, volcanoes, magnets, electricity, etc.

Check out the pictures and videos below to see the fun.  STEAM camp is for ages 7 - 12 and will not have more than 3 children per tutor.  Limit of 10 kids per session with 4 tutors (Music and math camp is limited to 8 kids per session with 3 tutors/music teachers)

Summer 2023 schedule: STEAM Camps from 9 am to 12 pm $250/week and Music Camp from 12 to 3 pm $250/week ($400 for both)

$50 dollar discount per child for multiple children (even friends!)  Give Dayleen a call to get discount! 702-325-910

June 12-16 Space Week, June 19-23 Chemistry/Earth Week, June 26-30 Engineering Week, July 10-14 Space Week, July 17-21 Earth/Chemistry Week, July 24-28 Engineering, and Space again July 31st-August 4th. 

Kickstart programs are offered from 3 to 6 pm for ages 7 to 17. Times will be offered Monday through Friday July 10th - August 4th.  This program will get your child ready to start school next year with confidence.  $180 for 6 one hour sessions or $250 for 6 1.5 hour sessions.  Individual Sessions also available for $40/session. All sessions schould be scheduled before payment in order to ensure availability.


Call or text 702-325-9610 to reserve your spot!  

Space Week - During Space week we build a model solar system and make bottle rockets.  We also have fun making space slime and space oobleck.

Stomp Rockets and Bottle Rockets

Earth/Chemistry Week - During Earth Week students break geodes, build a volcano and cause an eruption, learn about crystals and grow our own, on top of that we watch how plants grow and absorb water (we watch plants change color based on dye) 

Engineering Week  During Engineering week, we build a popsicle bridge and have a contest, and learn about magnetism, density, inertia and electricity.

MUSIC/MATH CAMP - 12:00 - 3 PM  $250  (max capacity 8 kids)

 lessons in piano, guitar, or singing (kids can pick 2)

and 2 math tutoring sessions. 

If attending both Steam and Music Camp, send your child with a lunch

and instead of one of the tutoring sessions they will have lunch time.

(4 tutoring sessions in one day would be too much for a child)


           Showcase on Friday at 2:30 pm, 3 guests per child.


offered June 19-23, June 26-30,   

     July 17-21, July 24-28, and July 31st - August 4.