New This year!!


Along with amazing math program that will get your child caught up and ready for next year or help them start out the year ahead, Music camp will include instruction in a musical instrument, singing and movement.   There will also be a performance on the last day!

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Easy as Pi Camps 

Math and Science

During the summer, Easy as Pi offers summer camps that include experiments, educational shows, games, and a hour and half of math each day.  The camps are planned for a different theme each week, so you can attend more than one week and always see something new.   


The themes include: 

Space Week During Space week we build a model solar system and make bottle rockets.  We also have fun making space slime and space oobleck.

Earth Week During Earth Week students break geodes, build a volcano and cause an eruption, learn about crystals and grow our own, on top of that we watch how plants grow and absorb water (we watch plants change color based on dye) 

Chemistry Week During Chemistry Week students learn about chemical reactions, density, we make oobleck and slime, and have lots of fun.

Engineering Week  During Engineering week, we build a popsicle bridge and have a contest, and learn about magnetism and electricity.

MUSIC/MATH CAMP 12:30 - 3 PM  $150  (max capacity 10 kids)

    lessons in piano, guitar, drums, singing and movement/dance

           Showcase on Friday at 3 pm offered, 2 guest per child.

     offered  June 14 - June 18, June 21 - June 25, June 28 - July 2,

                   July 5 - July 9,   July 19 - July 23, July 26 - July 30

                   August 2 - August 6.

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