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Remote tutoring

You might be suprised how well remote tutoring can work.  Usually the student takes a picture of his/her homework and sends it to the tutor.  The tutor then walks them through one or two problems, after that the tutor prompts the student to walk the tutor through the process for the next problem.  Voicing this process out loud can actually be very beneficial for learning how to  solve a problem. 


Advantages to Remote Tutoring

You can call and get help with just one or two problems and only pay for 10 minutes if that is all you need. 

Allows the student to get help even if they have no way of physically getting to Easy as Pi.

​It is possible to even get help after hours or last minute.


If they aren't feeling well and can't make it in they can still get help. 

-Pricing is $10 for the first 10 minutes, $20 for up to 30 minutes, and $5 for each 10 minutes after 30 minutes.
-Satisfaction is guaranteed!  If we cannot help with your problems, you will not be charged!
-Text Dayleen Taylor at 702-325-9610 to see if someone is available to help now!
-We will only run your credit card if you are completely satisfied with the service.
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