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Semi-Private (2 kids per tutor) and Private options

We have a lot of options available for in person tutoring, none of which require a commitment or registration fee! 

Individual sessions are offered year round by appointment.  Text 702-325-9610 to request your day and time and we will let you know if that day and time works, or click below to check out some available times.  We may have to shuffle things a little, but we will work with you!  Semi-private individual sessions are $40/hr.  Private sessions are $60/hr.

If you would like your child tested and a math program developed for them you will want to sign up for one of our monthly programs.  


Monthly programs offer a great deal at about $25-$31 dollars per session for semi-private tutoring (2 kids per tutor).  Monthly plans are only offered during the school year. When committing to a monthly program, you are reserving a tutor for a specific date and time each week.  Sessions can only be made up if prior arrangements are made.



In Person tutoring

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