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Elementary and Middle School Tutoring

If your child is in Algebra or Geometry in Middle School go to High School page

When seeking tutoring for your Elementary and Middle School students please sign up for an initial evaluation with Dayleen Taylor.  Dayleen will spend an hour with your child evaluating what they need to succeed in their math journey.  Dayleen will also do tutoring during this hour.  The last five minutes will be spent discussing with the parent what is recommended for their student.

Monthly plans are offered for one, two, and three days a week for a reasonable price with no contract.  If your child is behind in math,  2 or 3 days a week is recommended.  3 days a week, is for kids who are very behind in math and need help with basics. 2 days a week is good for kids who are just a little behind and need some help catching up or have a really hard math teacher.  One day a week is only recommended once your child is at grade level.  


If your child will miss tutoring due to holidays, illness, etc...,  one make-up day per month (per days registered for) may be made as long as told ahead of time (zoom or in person). No make-ups are offered if the child already has 4 sessions in the month per day.

Please allow 24 hours when booking online.  If you need an appointment today, please call 702-325-9610

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