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Elementary and Middle School Tutoring

If your child is in Algebra or Geometry in Middle School go to High School page

If you're looking for tutoring services for your elementary or middle school student, you can sign up for an initial evaluation with Dayleen Taylor. During this hour-long session, Dayleen will evaluate your child's needs and provide tutoring services. The last five minutes will be spent discussing recommendations with the parent. Don't hesitate to sign up and give your child the tools they need to succeed in their math journey!


Please allow 24 hours when booking online.  If you need an appointment today, please call 702-325-9610

Our monthly plans offer flexible options for one, two, or three days a week at a reasonable price with no contract. We recommend two or three days a week for children who behind in math, with three days being ideal for those who need help with the basics. Monthly plans include 

If your child misses a tutoring session due holidays or illness, you allow for one make-up day per month as long as it is scheduled ahead of time.  Make-up tutoring can be done either through Zoom or in person (Zoom sessions are private, so if you are making up a semi-private session the zoom session will only be 30 minutes).

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