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Homeschool options

At Easy as Pi Mathematics, we understand the diverse needs of homeschooling families. To support your child's educational journey, we offer flexible and accommodating homeschooling options:

  1. Private Room Rental (1-5 days a week)

    • Rent a private room for your child to study in a quiet and focused environment. Please note, supervision must be provided by the parent or guardian at all times.

  2. Room Rental with Supervision (1-5 days a week)

    • In addition to renting a private room, we offer supervision services to ensure your child stays on task and engaged in their studies. Our friendly and responsible supervisors will be present to oversee the learning environment.

  3. Room Rental with Supervision and Tutoring (1-5 days a week)

    • For families seeking additional educational support, we provide a comprehensive package that includes room rental, supervision, and personalized tutoring. Our experienced tutors will work with your child to enhance their understanding and mastery of concepts.

  4. One-Time Room Rental for Group Projects and Events

    • Need a space for a group project or a special homeschooling event? We offer one-time room rentals perfect for collaborative projects, study groups, or educational activities. Our rooms provide a conducive environment for productive group work.

Whether you need a quiet space for your child to learn, a full-support educational package, or a venue for group activities, Easy as Pi Mathematics is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our homeschooling options and how we can tailor our services to meet your family's needs.

Private Rooms

Our private rooms are ideal for 1-2 children to meet their homeschooling needs. These rooms provide a quiet and focused environment for effective learning.


  • $200/month for 2 days a week

  • $300/month for 3 days a week

Elementary School Room

This room is perfect for families with several younger children who are homeschooling. It provides a spacious and conducive environment for group learning.


  • $300/month for 2 days a week

  • $400/month for 3 days a week

High School Room

This room is ideal for families with several older children who are homeschooling. It offers a suitable environment for focused and advanced study.


  • $300/month for 2 days a week

  • $400/month for 3 days a week

All Rooms have wireless and wired wifi available!

All tables have whiteboards next to them.

Main Tutoring Area

This area would be great for a group class!  There are more chairs available if needed.

This venue is only available by the hour. 

The cost of this area is $50/hr

It is also possible to arrange for Dayleen or one of our other wonderful tutors to teach this group class!

(standard tutoring rates apply)


  • All rooms are available on the days you choose from 7 am to 2 pm.

Important Note:

  • These prices do not include tutoring. 

Additional Services:​

  • Tutoring: Approximately $50/hour

The cost for supervision and tutoring depends on the number of hours required. Contact us for a customized plan that fits your specific needs.

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