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Easy as Pi Mathematics

Does your child need help with homework or studying for tests? Would they like to feel more confident in class? We will work with your child to identify problem areas and customize a program that will help them gain confidence and start excelling in Math.

Push Your Child's Limits

Is your child doing well in math, but could use more of a challenge? This is very common with children that love math. We will customize a plan that will challenge and motivate your child. This will help your child to excel in math and other areas such as Physics and Engineering.


We test each child at their current grade level and move backward or forward based on their abilities. Some children that excel at math, might have still missed a few concepts along the way. We make sure they have everything down before we move ahead.

  • Individualized Math Program
  • Homework Help
  • Private Tutoring Available


We offer fun incentives for kids to help keep them motivated to learn and progress. Kids love making their lego avatar and moving them along our obstacle course.


The environment at Easy as Pi is very inviting and fun for kids. The tutors are knowledgeable, understanding and encouraging, yet still fun. Even the high schoolers love coming to Easy as Pi.

  • Inviting and Fun Atmosphere
  • Knowledgeable Math Tutors
  • Great Incentives


In order to understand the universe, you must know the language in which it was written, and that language is mathematics. -Galileo Galilei

Our Math Tutors

The tutors at Easy as Pi are committed to helping your child succeed. They are knowledgeable, patient, kind and know how to motivate your child. Most of our tutors have straight A's in every subject in high school and received almost perfect scores on the math portion of the ACT. Every tutor has taken all math classes up to Pre-Calculus and received superior grades. The most important thing is that our math tutors are great with kids. Kids love the one on one attention they receive at Easy as Pi!

Owner / Math Tutor Dayleen Taylor

Dayleen Taylor


Dayleen Taylor grew up loving mathematics, and always wanted to teach math.

About Dayleen
Manager / Math Tutor Kylee Hulme

Kylee Hulme

Manager / Math Tutor

This is my second year tutoring at Easy as Pi and I love it!

About Kylee
Math Tutor Lainey Waldman

Lainey Waldman

Math Tutor

Lainey Waldman is an awesome tutor. She has been working at Easy as Pi for a year now.

About Lainey
Math Tutor Steve Giles

Steve Giles

Math Tutor

This is now Steve's second year working at Easy as Pi. He is a senior at Centennial High school.

About Steve