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Owner and Math Tutor - Dayleen Taylor

Owner and Math Tutor Dayleen Taylor

Dayleen Taylor grew up loving mathematics, and always wanted to teach math. She received the highest math award in her high school and was always the one to help her friends with math. She graduated from Brigham Young University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She has always felt that this major helped her to understand how math applies to the real world and gives her a different perspective on math. It amazed her so much to find out that all the calculus equations that she had studied in high school were actually laws in nature, and that you could use those laws to predict movement and flow patterns. Math can be used to do anything from designing spaceships, solving crimes, or starting a business.

She worked at Hughes Aircraft after graduation. However after having her first baby, she needed to work at night so she tutored mathematics, physics, chemistry and science at a college in Chicago while her husband attended medical school. She was a much sought after tutor, and many students said that she helped them understand math better than anyone ever had.

When the last of her six children started Kindergarten, she felt it was finally time to start helping others by using her talent of teaching math. She applied for her substitute teaching license, and was immediately hired to teach math full time at Las Vegas Academy. She taught Algebra I and Algebra II and totally loved being able to use her math skills to help others.

Her knowledge and experience, combined with her love for children and mathematics have compelled Dayleen to design a program to help as many kids as she can by offering program that is reasonably priced and fun for all ages.